DEFYING THE NAZIS The Story of Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
ISBN 978-1-59572-759-6
Language: English


Initially an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler, Wilm Hosenfeld became aware of the Third Reich’s relentless brutality when he, a captain in the German army, was stationed in Poland. Witnessing Nazis’ inhumanity changed Hosenfeld from an enemy occupier to a rescuer. Hosenfeld’s heroic efforts to save Polish citizens was mostly unknown until a scene in the Oscar-winning film, The Pianist, brought Hosenfeld to the public’s attention. In Defying the Nazis, the full story of Hosenfled’s courageous transformation and his attempts to help those he was ordered to kill can finally be read and appreciated.
300 pages, 7"x9", ages 15-99
Hardback, $21.99
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CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Biography, empathy, family, moral consciousness, recognizing different perspectives, identifying cultural and ethnic values and their impact, making connections between our own lives and the lives of others and the world at large, WWII, Holocaust, important historic events, narrative accounts of world history