ISBN 978-1-59572-751-0
Language: English


Meet Sydney, a girl who likes the same things other kids do—riding her bike, playing baseball, and hanging out with her friends. But Sydney also has cerebral palsy, which makes walking, talking, and using her hands difficult.

Sydney shares her firsthand account of life with cerebral palsy in I Have Cerebral Palsy so that others can understand what her life is like. Most importantly, Sydney wants her story to help other kids feel more comfortable around people with disabilities.

Readers can learn about the different items that make it easier for Sydney to be mobile, eat, or write in the fact-filled section about adaptive technology. Information about the Miracle League, the volunteer-based program that makes it possible for children with a variety of disabilities to play baseball, is also included.

Additional resources are available to learn more about cerebral palsy and organizations that help children with disabilities and their families lead active lives.
32 pages, 10.5"x8.5", ages 4-10
Paperback, $7.99
hardback available
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Social and emotional learning, special needs and inclusion, self-awareness and empathy, family and community, motivational, daily activities, cerebral palsy, respect, self-esteem and self-reliance