WHAT ANIMAL NEEDS A WIG? Funny Riddles and Interesting Facts
illustrated by Fran Fuller Baldwin
ISBN 978-1-59572-677-3
Language: English

What animal is the best to tell jokes to? What animal is always in a bad mood? From where did a laughing hyena get its name? Does a praying mantis really pray? What Animal Needs a Wig? invites readers to the world of animals and riddles, the ultimate combination that children love. Riddles are based on word play of animals’ names and zoological facts. The questions are tricky and you really have to think. Readers are also encouraged to turn the pages to see the answers, which accompany fascinating facts about animals. A black and white ink illustration is paired with each riddle, adding not only another laughing point but also sparking the readers’ imagination. This book perfectly suits Common Core Curriculum.
48 pages, 7"x9", ages 6-9
Paperback, $6.99
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Appreciating humor, visualization of ideas, language arts, vocabulary development, observing animal activities, creative thinking, problem solving, identifying animals, animal classification, understanding human and animal relationships