ISBN 978-1-59572-213-3
Language: English

Turning Uganda's Forgotten Children into Leaders

Nearly every family in Uganda is affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, abduction, and brutal war. These horrors rage indiscriminately, and the children are not spared. Young Ugandans have witnessed too much brutality?more than anyone should experience. Yet, many continue to nurse a deep desire to excel and to serve their country. L.E.A.D Uganda, an educational leadership initiative, seeks potentially forgotten children and offers them education, security, and most importantly, hope to become the next leaders of the country they love. This book tells the touching stories of thirteen young and talented future leaders of Uganda.
40 pages, 8"x10", ages 12-18
Paperback, $3.00
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Language arts, empathy, compassion for others, understanding needs of others. Awareness of cultural diversity, civic mindedness and helping, understanding the importance of setting goals